Tuesday, October 09, 2012


This weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I spent most of it doing lots of homework...and I have a history paper proposal due tomorrow, so I have nothing really exciting to blog about. :) I've got a lot going on - an editing contract, school, the fall youth retreat, allergy vaccinations, and the fall youth pizza fundraiser - but none of that is that exciting right now.

I did get this in the mail this week:

This is my 'thank you for making a donation to Sanctuary for Kids' gift. It's very exciting - it's a wine cork from the Sanctuary set. Gillian Horvath, a writer for Sanctuary, among other things, ran a 'Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign' and gave away Sanctuary set dec in exchange for donations to Sanctuary for Kids. I'm now the proud owner of a wine cork, which I have to now figure out a way to display so that it's also autographable by whichever of the cast I can catch... :)

I'm getting into Falling Skies and the BBC Sherlock - finally! And sadly, I was too busy with school to watch ANY of season two of Hell on Wheels, and now it's over, which has made me pretty cross! I'm doing everything I can to avoid spoilers until the season 2 DVD comes out...

Ok, now I really need to write my proposal and do my readings for tomorrow...I'll try to have something more exciting next week! I really am thankful that I get to go to school... :)

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