Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going Viral

The term viral has become increasingly more associated with social media phenomena, but I'm reminded this week of the more basic meaning of the word 'virus'. As in I have one, a nasty one that's giving me a wicked fever! I've already missed two German classes, a history class, an English class and a linguistics midterm. I've NEVER missed any classes before, ever, never mind a test, so I'm pretty cross about it!

The doctor I saw told me I should take a week off school...ha! He also said he was going to wash his hands extra carefully because he really did not want to catch it. I would have laughed at that, but he was serious...

I am very thankful for our Canadian medical system - it does have its flaws, but I got a bunch of tests and treatments and a doctor's note, and all it cost us was $15 for parking!

Now...to try to catch up on my German homework...

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