Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, October kind of went by in a blur! After we got back from Penticton and the wedding, we got really busy with getting ready for TEC on the Thanksgiving weekend. It went really, really well - totally the best TEC EVER. A lot of my youth, former youth, and camp kids were involved in this one, and it was really cool to see how much they've grown in the years I've known them, although it did make me feel quite old. :)
I was ready for it to be my last TEC, and was prepared to say good bye to Entheos on Monday and not see it again, but I really felt God was saying "not yet". So I've already applied to work the May TEC - we'll see what happens!
I've got my pictures up here: and if you're interested, you can see pictures of my TEC eight years ago (where I met Trevor!) at this link...

Last weekend we made another trek over the mountains, to the Crew golf tournament in Kelowna. We stayed with my Aunt Linda, and while it was a hit and run kind of visit, it was fun anyway.
On Saturday Trevor golfed (and got a prize for coming from the furthest away and raising the most money!) and I hung out with Heather. It was so much fun - we haven't seen each other in over a year, and having just one day was a little surreal, but we had a blast. I think we talked enough to almost catch up on every that's happened in the last year, which is a lot of talking. :) We realized that as of the beginning of October, we've been friends for 11 years, and for most of those years, it's been a long distance friendship. Definitely a God-thing! Heather's coming to visit me for a week in December, and I'm really, really excited. Yay!
Pictures of our trip (including ones I took while hanging out the window of our zoom zoom, zooming along waaaay faster then I'll ever admit to my mother... :) are up here:
If you're ever in Kelowna and want a light lunch, I highly recommend the Marmalade Cat Cafe - yummy, yummy soup! And of course, Summerhill winery continues to be my fave. We checked out Mission Hill, and I got some nice pictures, but it reminded me a lot of a compound and it was creepily tidy, not at all like the atmosphere at Summerhill.

Coming up this weekend is the youth group Halloween party...I'm sure that will result in some highly entertaining photos...and hopefully it won't take me another month to update this time! :)