Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Music - Jennifer Jade Kerr

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may recall a brief mention from last summer about a little music project we were ever-so-slightly involved in. Our friend Jennifer Jade Kerr is a talented musician, singer, songwriter and generally wonderful person to hang around with. The CD we lent our voices to a track of came out earlier this year, and when we visited her quickly on our way to the States in August, we acquired a copy of said CD, which was very exciting. 


You can find the album, permission to be broken, here, and you can listen to the songs. The track we were 'alleluiaing' in is called Reflection, and the song was written by George and Michael of Lost And Found, a Lutheran duo I'm a fangirl of. I adore the song, and the writers, and the singer, so it's definitely one of my top favourite songs of all time. :)

Jennifer's heading out on tour in Ontario, and I HIGHLY recommend going to a concert if you can! The reason she's going to Ontario is for the Gospel Music Association of Canada week, and this album has been nominated for a Covenant Award for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. How cool is that?! So...please check out her album and buy AT LEAST just the Reflection track from iTunes! :)

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