Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sad day...

"Further to your application on the above-mentioned competition, this is to inform you that the panel has recommended that another candidate be appointed to this position."

Soooo...not going to be moving to Kelowna to work for the Ministry of Agriculture! :(

Friday, March 14, 2008

There and back again

March is a travelling month for me...

Last Friday and Saturday I was in Edmonton for a bit. I'm on the planning committee for the next Alberta/BC District Youth Gathering, in July of 2009, and we had our first meeting. It went really well - I'm super excited to work with this bunch of people and see how things take shape. It's going to be SO amazing - I just love youth gatherings. And we got to see a bunch of people we know while we were there, and I had the most amazing lemon doughnut from a place in Red Deer, so it was a good trip! :)

On Monday I flew to Kelowna for the day, for a job interview with the Ministry of Agriculture. I'm not really sure how it went - I felt really good about it right after, but the more I think about it, the less sure I am, so I'm just trying to let it go and not to worry. If it's the job for me, I'll get it, and if not, there'll be something else. They paid for the flight, and I picked up some of my favourite wine while I was there, so it won't be a total waste if I don't get it! :)

And this weekend I'm going down to Medicine Hat to visit my friend Barb - we've been friends for so long I have to stop and count...14 years this fall! Definitely my most enduring friendship - I've kept in touch with a few people from even longer ago, but not in the same way. Of course, it helps that she's also in Alberta and people from 15+ years ago are in Nova Scotia... :) I did recently re-connect with someone from more then 15 years ago who I'd lost touch with, which was pretty cool, and thanks to Facebook!

Anyway, things here at work are INSANE, so I should get back to it...thank goodness it's Friday!