Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where did the last two months GO?

I can't believe how fast the time is going. It's been so long, is anyone still checking this thing?!

Last time I updated, we were heading off to BC for a trip to visit some family and friends. The thing that had been in the works for a while, which I couldn't blog about for 'security' reasons, is that the day before we left for our trip, I gave my notice at Foster Richmond, where I've worked for over three years now. Why? To go with my boss and her new business partner to their new firm! It was a big relief to give my notice and hit the road...

Our trip to BC was fabulous - the weather was good, we had a good visit with my aunt and uncle in Revelstoke, and had a blast at Chris and Kelsey's wedding. We saw a ton of people we don't see very often, and got to spend some time exploring Vernon's parks and beaches. And junk stores...we found some good deals!

May was super chaotic - wrapping up our practice at FR, working from home for a couple of weeks while rennos were done on our new office space, and then moving into the new office and hobbling along while furniture, phones and computers slowly got up and running. We also went to a Queen tribute at the CPO, which was a ton of fun, and I saw the new Star Trek movie twice - it's just THAT good! It's definitely on my Christmas wish list. :) I visited my friend Barb in Medicine Hat on the May long weekend, and we had lots of fun just relaxing and watching movies, which was muchly needed after the chaos of leaving FR.

Our new office is beautiful - it's a heritage era brick house in the community of Bridgeland, just on the east side of downtown. We have an awesome kitchen, two porches and a great back yard. It's taking me a bit longer to get to and from work now, but it's totally worth it. I have a huuuuge desk and lots of quiet workspace and co-workers I like - what more could you ask for in a job!?

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Tuesday - can you believe it? 7 years already!

The youth gathering is coming up so fast - less then a month away now. I'm hoping and praying that I haven't forgotten to do anything I was supposed to, although strangely enough I'm not too worried about it, which is very uncharacteristic of me.

And it looks like spring has finally come to Calgary - my little garden is flourishing and I'm really enjoying having a garden to poke around in again. Life is pretty darn good!