Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Purchase

I haven't updated this in a while - I was doing really well there for a bit!

I have a good reason though...we're in the process of buying a house!!!! So exciting...we have a conditional offer in on a place in Silver Springs - the financing is in place, we just need a home inspection and a review of the condo documents. The inspection is tomorrow, and we're supposed to get the documents today - the deadline for all the conditions to be met is Monday, so we're almost there.

It's been so crazy these last couple of weeks, and the next week or so is looking pretty busy too. We need to get everything all squared away before we go on our camping trip for the September long weekend, and then hopefully we'll have a couple of weeks to pack, and then we'll take possession on September 22 and spend a week painting and such before fully moving out of our basement suite in the hood, and into a nice townhouse closer to all our friends and the church.

Hopefully I'll have good news tomorrow or Thursday, and then we'll be looking for good friends to help with the painting and moving... :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

A few random things

I found this really interesting news article about the son of a prominent Hamas member who has become a Christian..

He emphases how he hasn't been involved in terrorist activities himself, and talks a lot about how he hopes that one day he'll marry a Christian - maybe even a Jewish Christian, which would really be something else!

Then I found this article...

The Israeli foreign minister thinks that giving the Golan Heights back to Syria is going to bring peace. HA!!!! Ok, I was digging in the Golan Heights. I read the book with the history of the kibbutz where we stayed. Syria used to attack the Galilee from the Golan Heights. The IDF took back that very hill where we dug because of it's strategic attack location. If Israel gives the Golan to Syria, that's going to spell the end of the Jewish nation. And I have no doubt that once the Arab nations have taken Israel off the map, they're going to move on to everyone else who doesn't believe what they do. The Arab leaders were buddy-buddy with Hitler during the war - that should give you an idea of where their priorities lie! I just find it so hard to believe that someone who's lived in Israel their entire life can think that peace can be reached with the surrounding nations. There isn't going to be peace there until Jesus comes back, and giving any ground away is just going to make the situation worse. Argh! I'd love to give that woman a piece of my mind...

On to something slightly more cheerful...I so enjoyed Prince Caspian when it came out this summer. I went to see it twice, and I've even joined a forum called Narnia Web. They're starting to film Dawn Treader early next year! Sooo exciting. Anyway, one of the other forum members did up this music video of Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and posted it on YouTube. It's really good...take a few minutes and listen to it! It'll make you think...


Hope y'all are enjoying your long weekend!