Sunday, March 06, 2011

Movie Reviews Part 4

Alice in Wonderland
The movie is actually based loosely on Alice Through the Looking Glass, which I vaguely remember reading many, many years ago, and being completely baffled by! They did an excellent job with the movie – the casting, the effects, the costumes – they’re all VERY appropriate. It’s quite violent, so not a great cartoon for the younger kiddies, but otherwise really quite watchable. Love Johnny Depp, even with crazy makeup! Watch out for the bandersnatch…

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
I need to watch this one again – it was really interesting, and I feel like it had layers that I missed on the first watch through. It’s not a groundbreaking advancement in young adult fantasy or anything like that, but it was a really likeable adventure with a bit of a spin on ancient mythology. I don’t know if it did well enough for a sequel, but I think that the invented culture has more potential to tap. I need to check out the books for sure!

The Bounty Hunter
This was a fun movie – pretty cheesy, but highly entertaining. Not for minors – there’s lots of sexual innuendo, swearing and violence! A good date night rental though – enough explosions to keep the guys happy, and enough romance to make it not just a blowing stuff up guy movie. Not a whole lot to recommend it though – kind of comparable to cotton candy!

The Lemon Tree
Such a sad movie! I rented it because it’s set in Israel, and likely the only way I’m going to get back there anytime soon is vicariously! It’s the story of a Palestinian widow who has a lemon grove along the dividing fence, which is deemed a security threat when a prominent Israeli politician moves into the neighbourhood just on the other side of the wall. The way he allows his people to treat the widow eventually divides him from his wife, and sparks an international media storm. It was a fascinating movie, but terrifically sad.