Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Help me Mickey Mouse, you're my only hope!


FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. That's how much Disney paid George Lucas for Star Wars. I think three big things about this, and I've been thinking them ever since the news hit my Twitter feed at about 2:30 this afternoon.

1. Why are they announcing this the day the entire eastern seaboard is reeling from a major natural disaster? This must be a hoax...

2. A movie every 2-3 years seems like a lot. Will it turn into Aladdin III?

3. Four billion dollars could fix a lot of problems in the third world.

I was very much less than impressed about the whole thing until I read this post by John Scalzi, which made me feel a little better. And as a friend on Facebook pointed out earlier, a Star Wars movie directed by Joss Whedon would probably be pretty epic. I could live with that!

Some of my favourite tweets from today, in no particular order...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going Viral

The term viral has become increasingly more associated with social media phenomena, but I'm reminded this week of the more basic meaning of the word 'virus'. As in I have one, a nasty one that's giving me a wicked fever! I've already missed two German classes, a history class, an English class and a linguistics midterm. I've NEVER missed any classes before, ever, never mind a test, so I'm pretty cross about it!

The doctor I saw told me I should take a week off school...ha! He also said he was going to wash his hands extra carefully because he really did not want to catch it. I would have laughed at that, but he was serious...

I am very thankful for our Canadian medical system - it does have its flaws, but I got a bunch of tests and treatments and a doctor's note, and all it cost us was $15 for parking!

Now...to try to catch up on my German homework...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Music - Jennifer Jade Kerr

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may recall a brief mention from last summer about a little music project we were ever-so-slightly involved in. Our friend Jennifer Jade Kerr is a talented musician, singer, songwriter and generally wonderful person to hang around with. The CD we lent our voices to a track of came out earlier this year, and when we visited her quickly on our way to the States in August, we acquired a copy of said CD, which was very exciting. 


You can find the album, permission to be broken, here, and you can listen to the songs. The track we were 'alleluiaing' in is called Reflection, and the song was written by George and Michael of Lost And Found, a Lutheran duo I'm a fangirl of. I adore the song, and the writers, and the singer, so it's definitely one of my top favourite songs of all time. :)

Jennifer's heading out on tour in Ontario, and I HIGHLY recommend going to a concert if you can! The reason she's going to Ontario is for the Gospel Music Association of Canada week, and this album has been nominated for a Covenant Award for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. How cool is that?! So...please check out her album and buy AT LEAST just the Reflection track from iTunes! :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


This weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I spent most of it doing lots of homework...and I have a history paper proposal due tomorrow, so I have nothing really exciting to blog about. :) I've got a lot going on - an editing contract, school, the fall youth retreat, allergy vaccinations, and the fall youth pizza fundraiser - but none of that is that exciting right now.

I did get this in the mail this week:

This is my 'thank you for making a donation to Sanctuary for Kids' gift. It's very exciting - it's a wine cork from the Sanctuary set. Gillian Horvath, a writer for Sanctuary, among other things, ran a 'Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign' and gave away Sanctuary set dec in exchange for donations to Sanctuary for Kids. I'm now the proud owner of a wine cork, which I have to now figure out a way to display so that it's also autographable by whichever of the cast I can catch... :)

I'm getting into Falling Skies and the BBC Sherlock - finally! And sadly, I was too busy with school to watch ANY of season two of Hell on Wheels, and now it's over, which has made me pretty cross! I'm doing everything I can to avoid spoilers until the season 2 DVD comes out...

Ok, now I really need to write my proposal and do my readings for tomorrow...I'll try to have something more exciting next week! I really am thankful that I get to go to school... :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

With the weather being what it is today - e.g. snowy - I want to remember the happier, warmer, times of summer! You may remember that in late July I met up with my new friend Shelli and we went to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Trevor and I had the change to get out there on September 22nd, which feels like YEARS ago already, and I took 100+ photos of the beautiful fall colours. It was about 28 degrees, and it was SO gorgeous.

Looking west!
The old post office on what was the townsite.
I call this one: "The cattle on a Thousand Hills".
Alberta at its best!
The Bow River - I kept looking around for scruffy surveyors from Hell on Wheels. :)
CP Rail
Our Canadian heritage in motion!
The old post office from the other side.
Fall grasses
The difference in the scenery from when I was there just two months before was incredible - it was like seeing a totally different park. We hiked the same loop that Shelli and I did, but when we go back in the spring we're going to try one of the other ones - because we'll definitely be going back there. I can't believe I've lived here for thirteen years and been half an hour away from this gem of a place and had no idea. Check it out, Calgarians! :)
Now, off to make myself a nice mug of Earl Grey, hot...
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