Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Help me Mickey Mouse, you're my only hope!


FOUR BILLION DOLLARS. That's how much Disney paid George Lucas for Star Wars. I think three big things about this, and I've been thinking them ever since the news hit my Twitter feed at about 2:30 this afternoon.

1. Why are they announcing this the day the entire eastern seaboard is reeling from a major natural disaster? This must be a hoax...

2. A movie every 2-3 years seems like a lot. Will it turn into Aladdin III?

3. Four billion dollars could fix a lot of problems in the third world.

I was very much less than impressed about the whole thing until I read this post by John Scalzi, which made me feel a little better. And as a friend on Facebook pointed out earlier, a Star Wars movie directed by Joss Whedon would probably be pretty epic. I could live with that!

Some of my favourite tweets from today, in no particular order...

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