Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't updated my web album in ages...not since Survivor in November! I uploaded a bunch of stuff last night to make up for it. :)

We have the youth Halloween party from October - there's some fun stuff in there.

There's Heather's visit in December - we went to Heritage Park, and I threw an early Christmas dinner that was lots of fun.

In February I went down to Medicine Hat to visit Barb - I didn't take many pictures there, but there are a few here that I like.

Teresa and I went on a walking tour of historic Inglewood (Calgary's oldest neighbourhood) earlier this month - it was a beautiful day and I took some pictures I really like a lot.

On the May long weekend Trevor and I went for a hike outside the city - almost out to Canmore. There was still ice on the creek and that make for some really cool pictures. And I took a few in Nose Hill that weekend as well.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Sisterchick Book!

I really enjoy this series of books - I think my favourite one was the first book, but there's a new one out now that's on my "to read" list. I don't really know what genre they belong to - maybe "Christian Chick-lit"? But they're fun and I really like reading about other places. Christian Pub is going to be closing at the end of August - they'll probably have really good deals on books at their closing sale! :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Much Special-ness

So we're looking for a new place to live (in Calgary) for a bunch of reasons that are just too involved to go into here...and in our searching we found this place that looked just too good to be true, but in our budget and the area we're looking at, so Trevor sent an email to the contact person.

This is what he got back (without any editing by me!):

On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 12:33 PM, pertty loves wrote:
I got your email and Thanks for your interest in my Apartment , i want you to know that my Apartment Flat is still available, The Flat is fully with All Necessary Document registered, I am Glad you response to me on time, i want you to know that i am My wife are very happy and EXCITED that we have finally FOUND a person for our FLAT, i want you to PROMISE us that you will take very good care of the FLAT because is a LOVELY place to stay with FAMILY, Kids,Visitors, E.T.C Actually my Wife and I got relocated to the Corona, New York on a Working Trips work in Corona, New York, we are here for Working trip from the State We used to live in State, but since we left for the Working trip we have to bring the Flat Document papers of the House because of People Who are willing to have the Flat for Rent, And as you asked For, so right now all the House Papers Document are with Our Lawyer here in the Corona, New York, We Just Got a Lawyer Here in the Corona, because we are New to the Country, and we are not Yet a Citizen Of the country, so we really need to get a Lawyer for Back-up, in which we will be staying in Corona, New York for 1-3 Yrs in which all our house Papers Document of the FLAT in State is With the Lawyer Because, We have been Provided a New Flat, Accomodation, feeding , here in the Corona New York, by the Church who brought i and my husband to the Corona,
If you are interested in our lovely Apartment,get back to me with your

Full Address ----------
Phone number--------
email Address---------
Fax Number------------
marriage Status-------
Picture If Available----
How many months deposit you will be paying for--------------------

And Let me Know How many Month or Years You are Willing to Rent my Apartment--
So that i can Forward all your information Directly to The Lawyer and the Lawyer will Get in touch with you, In the Paying of the Flat Fee, Agreement of Month or Years You are Willing to Stay and the Sending of the Document to you for you to have the Flat, the Document will be scan to you and also be Fax to You, if you have a Fax, and the Document will be Shipped Down to your Home Address Door Next-Day By Via EXPRESS DELIVERY, for you to have the Document at Hand, so you can move into the Flat, we really need a Good Decent Person for The Flat. And i Hope you are Decent And Respectfully Person, I have includedyou The Pictures of The Flat for you to View, If you are interested, get back to me with the Information Below as soon as possible Hope to read from you soonest
Thanks And God Bless You

So Trevor emails them back and asks for photos of the place so we can see what it looks like. They replied with some photos and:
email me back so that i can get you the details for payment to move in the apartment asap reply bac with the application form fill

Trevor's having a lot of fun with this, so he sends them another email:
Thanks for the pictures. I'm wondering if you have a picture of the Deck and the Stone Fireplace (which were listed in the ad we originally saw). We really like the idea of the fireplace and a private wood deck, but would love a picture to know what it is actually like. Also, is the pool and hot tub for our use also or is it shared with someone? And is that a big hill right behind the house, it looks nice.

I'm wondering how long it's going to take the scammers to realize that Trevor's just stringing them along for fun now, but I'm very interested to see what their response is going to be!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Poor duckies... :(

Five hundred-ish ducks died after they landed on a polluted pond...sad day! I really like ducks - makes me very sad to think of so many of them dying so horribly.