Thursday, April 26, 2007

"More of what you wanted, sooner then you dreamed"

That's the Mazda slogan on the front of their vehicle brochures...ironic hey? We're leasing a 2007 Mazda 3, starting on Monday! Hooray! I've been wanting a Mazda since before we got the Neon, so it's pretty exciting. It's got rain sensing windshield wipers, which Trevor will be happy to demonstrate to you, :) a CD player, cruise control, a glove box you could put a small child into, and a trunk that will definitely hold two guitars, an amp and a pod board.

The sad news is we still haven't heard about whether they caught the bad guys, or what our insurance is going to do for us. Our rates are going to double, between the theft and having a brand-new car, and the value of the stuff that was stolen out of the car isn't enough to claim under our home insurance. So we're out quite a bit of money, and we're told that we'll probably only get $500-$1000 replacement cash for the car. :(

At least the Neon is paid for though!!!

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