Tuesday, April 24, 2007


When my phone rang at about 20 after 4 this morning, I was annoyed. When it rang again, then Trevor's phone rang twice, I was worried. Trevor went to check the message, and it was from a police constable who called to say that our car had been STOLEN, totalled and is now in the impound lot.

I'm just...WHY? It's an old NEON, for goodness' sake - it doesn't even go that fast! (Trevor said it wouldn't even count as GRAND theft auto...lol) We only finished paying for it last week, and we were hoping to drive it for a few more months yet. I just got some work done on it on Sunday, and yesterday after work we got Trevor new shoes to wear to Scott and Sam's wedding...they're gone, along with my down parka, two bags of books I was going to sell, a bag of food for the food bank, and the list goes on!

The car was rolled, and there's blood in it. I can't get the details because our constable has gone off duty, but the guy at the impound lot says it was an injury accident. I'm hoping that means they caught the guys that did it! The unfortunate thing is that whoever took it, even if they got caught, will probably be back shortly, prowling our neighbourhood for more cars to steal.

Now we have to get a rental, sort out insurance stuff, and get a new car...like I really needed more stuff to stress about! Sigh...

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