Friday, May 04, 2007

Car Drama Update

Well, much has happened in the last week - we've gotten our new car! It's very shiny... :)

However, the dealer was a little confused about the options that came with the car, so we didn't get the rain-sensing windshield wipers, the lumbar support, or the cruise control! They're going to pay for half of getting the cruise control put in though, which is nice. And apparently it's really expensive if you have to replace rain-sensing windshields, so that's probably ok!

We found out more about the car accident. There's two different police officers on the job - the one who was at the scene of the accident, and then the one who's in charge of the auto theft investigation. Turns out the two people, and 18 year old guy and a 15 year old girl, who were in the accident, weren't the ones that actually stole the car. Someone else stole the car, and then gave it to them. Makes me a little nervous, because the guy lives right across the street from us...he'd better stay away from my new car!!!!

We went to look at the accident site, and it's really something else. It's a residential boulevard, with a sharp turn. They came around the corner, lost control, skidded sideways over the sidewalk, through a wire fence, along the ditch, and rolled on to the passenger side. The girl in the passenger seat had to go for surgery because her hand went through the window and was crushed. I really hope this scares them into shaping up! It really bothers me that this girl is out in the middle of the night, joyriding with this boy at 3 am on a school night, doing who knows what else - where are her parents? What has she been through that makes her think it's a good idea to be doing that? I've been praying that something good will come of this!

There was about $650-$800 worth of stuff stolen out of the car, and the police officer who was at the scene of the accident says it wasn't there, so we're still trying to get ahold of the theft officer. I called our home insurance just now, because they cover the contents of the car, and our deductible is $500, and it would drive our premiums up. So, not going to be making an insurance claim for it! Some of the stuff we don't really need to replace, but I will need a new winter jacket, and we'll need to buy all new map books, a tire gauge, water bottles - all that random little stuff that really adds up. I had two big bags of books in the car that I was going to trade in for "new" ones at my bookstore, and now I'm totally out of luck. It majorly sucks! I think I'm more annoyed at the loss of the books then anything's just so pointless - what's some punk-ass car thief going to do with my puffy pink jacket and my collection of used books? ARGH!

I've been saying ARGH alot in the last couple of weeks...

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to taking Madam Blueberry for a test-road trip on the 12th - we're going to go to Edmonton for the day to see Leah graduate. Anyone want to come? :)

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