Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Tomorrow I'm going to Victoria - I don't get back until Tuesday night next week, and I'm so excited! I haven't been back there since Thanksgiving of 2004 - way too long.

This is me and Heather when she was here in February - we walked to Krispy Kreme in a blizzard. Am I dedicated to my doughnuts or what? I'm stopping at Krispy Kreme on my way to the airport tomorrow for sure!

I found a new CD that I love - "Arriving" by Chris Tomlin. Totally amazing! I was listening to it last night while I was trying to pack, and I kept getting distracted by it. It made me want to sit down and really listen to it - it was almost as good as being at the Saddledome, even though my laptop doesn't compare to the sound system there! It's an awesome worship CD (my favourite kind!) - I highly recommend it.

My favourite Third Day CD, "Offering II" is missing. I'm so cheezed off - I have no idea where it is, or when I had it last. Actually, the last time I remember having it for sure was in NS at Christmas, and I know I brought it home, but I haven't seen it since. :(

Anyway, off to bed - talk to you all when I get back!

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Bean said...

Have much fun in Victoria!!! Hopefully it's not bizzard-ing! ;o)