Friday, August 04, 2006

Sunshine and Beaches

Hello from lovely Victoria! It's been two days since I last checked my email, and boy, do I feel it - I'm officially addicted! 28 emails, and only about 4 of them spam, which was nice.

I'm having a very relaxing time - a day trip up island to Rathtrevor beach, my FAVOURITE beach in the entire world. Lots of nice white sand, seashells, and fir trees. And when the tide is on its way back in, you can walk for forever in shin-deep water that's nice and warm from the sun. LOVE it! We also went to Coombs, which is most famous for the shop that has a grass roof with goats on it - very cute. Also went to see Pirates of the Caribbean again - what a good movie. I'm so excited for the sequel next summer

Today we slept late and went to Taylor beach, with is my third favourite beach. There's a lot of memories for me there! (My second favourite is a tie between Rainbow Haven in NS and the turtle beach in Hawaii...) Also today I did something appearance-altering, and a little bit different - maybe even somewhat out of character for the "normal" me. Look for it next time you see me! :)

Stay tuned for more to Lake Cowichan camping tomorrow! I bought a bottle of rum
("There's no rum. Why is there always no rum?" or if you prefer: "Is this a dream? If it were a dream, there'd be rum...")
and a six pack of coke, and Heather made chocolate chip muffins, so it should be a good weekend! :)

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Bean said...

Cool!!! I'm really glad that you're having a ton of fun on the island!!! My Danda has a cottage that is 2 bays away from rathtrevor! In fact, if you have a telescope, you can see his cottage from the beach! (and rathtrevor is quite easily seen from the deck... for it's a huge mass of sand with trees :P) Did you make any sandcastles?
Man, you're mkaing me pine for the island :P
Do you have any pictures?
Have Fun!