Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ho, hum

Only three days of work left! I'm excited for the weekend - not only is it a long weekend, but I'm going on a road trip with a couple of friends. We're heading to the Okanagan - I'm a big fan of warmth and sunshine, and while there isn't an ocean, a large lake is the next best thing. And did I mention the wineries? Not that I can handle much wine, it puts me right to sleep, but I do enjoy it. ;)

I'm so busy these days - let me give you a brief overview of what I'm up to -

There's TEC - I'm the secretary/registrar of the steering committee, and a small group leader for the TEC weekend in October. So I take minutes at meetings and send out email reminders about stuff, register and confirm and get information to the youth going on the weekends, and their sponsors and families, and being a small group leader for a weekend involves 6 meetings between September 1 and the weekend, which starts on the Friday night and goes to the Monday night. And twice a month there's a Saturday evening worship service, which Trevor plays at sometimes. He's also on the worship team for the upcoming TEC, so there's extra practices for that.

I'm a youth leader at Foothills, my church, and we're having a leader's meeting tonight, plus a youth event tomorrow night. During the school year, there's usually at least a couple of events per month. Last weekend I slept over at the church and helped a bit with a confirmation retreat - if confirmation had been like that when I was a kid, I probably would have gotten a lot more out of it!

Then there's the Survivor planning stuff - we're heading in to our seventh year of running this fabulous youth retreat, and it's my sixth year being involved. The first year there was about 50 kids and leaders, and last year there was about 120. This year we should have room for about 150 - it's so cool to see how much God has blessed this ministry. I LOVE Survivor - if I had to give up any of my activities, it would not be Survivor! I handle registration, take care of encouragement, organize meetings, I'm on the session planning committee, and this year I'm also going to share some of my testimony, which is going to be interesting. I really feel God nudging me to do it, but I'm struggling with what to say. I could probably talk for hours about everything that's gone on in my life, and how God's brought me through it. Hopefully I can hear Him telling me what to say. The nice thing is we'll be taping it before the actual weekend, and I can get it done and then not worry about it. And if I ramble or say something stupid, it can get edited out! :)

My next big project is the National youth gathering in Ottawa next summer. I'm part of the session planning team for that, and I'M SO EXCITED!!! I love gatherings - I've only been to two, but I've been amazed by how impactful they are, and it's such an honour to be part of planning one. There'll probably be about 500 kids there - it's so cool to have this opportunity to influence their lives for God.

I'm heading into my last semester of my Legal Assistant program - I'm studying residential real estate law. Should be useful at some point, anyway, if we can ever afford to buy a house, that is. It's insane out there...

I'm so busy, but I'm so happy with the things I'm doing - they give me much joy. Well, except for school, but that's survivable - only three months to go, and then I'll have a nice certificate to hang on my cubicle wall!

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