Sunday, May 21, 2006

Céilidh in Calgary!

Last Tuesday, Dad and I went to the Jack Singer Concert Hall to see Natalie McMaster and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. She's touring with her husband Donnell Leahy and his sister Erin Leahy, of the group Leahy, and for one night only, Cape Breton piano player Mac Morin.

Natalie and Mac

Donnell and Erin

It was amazing! Fiddling, piano, step-dancing - four of the best in the Celtic music business, backed up by the CPO - a little bit of Nova Scotia, right here in Cow-town! None of them read music, they all play by ear. Erin's specialty is the piano, and she plays so fast you can't really see her touch the keys. It's obvious that Natalie and Donnell really enjoy playing together - they spent a lot of the evening smiling at each other. Natalie plays with so much passion - I would love to find something that I'm that passionate about! She just PLAYS, holding nothing back, and it seems like she'd play faster and dance faster if it were humanly possible. I'm totally in awe of the skill the four of them have!

Natalie and Donnell mentioned a website they're involved in,, where you can listen to music that's recorded live all around Cape Breton. Pretty cool!

(By the way - Ceilidh is the word for a Celtic party, with music and dancing.)

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