Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

What a crazy couple of weeks!
TEC is this weekend, and we have 14 participants lined up - I'm very excited! Hopefully I remember everything and survive registration with the remainder of my sanity intact...
We've started planning meetings for the Survivor youth retreat we put on every December. Our theme is coming together really well, and I'm looking forward to it.
I'm working on putting together a sort of guide book for the District youth gathering I'm going to in July. I'm having a hard time getting everything together, so I hope things start to fall in to place soon.
I'm also helping with website content for the National gathering next summer - it's in Ottawa, and should be pretty cool. One of the things I really like about Lutheran Church-Canada is the bunch of great people who are really dedicated to quality youth events. It's pretty cool.
I'm going to see Third Day this summer - we got tickets in a box, so it should a great time. We're supposed to get back from the District gathering that afternoon, so hopefully all goes well - no car trouble or anything like that!
My friend Sarah is touring to promote her first cd and she's coming to Calgary on May 27. You can check out her website at...
The season finale of Gilmore Girls was last week...what a way to end a season! WHY did Luke have to reject Lorelai so harshly? And WHY did she have to go to Christipher of all people? And is Rory going to go after Logan? How am I going to wait for September? Grrrr...
But on the up side, Canadian Idol is starting soon, so that should give me something else to think if I wasn't busy enough already! :)

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