Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Wall

So when we started digging, it looked like this:

Day 2, it looked like this:

Today, day 3, it looked like this:

As you may or may not be able to tell, we have found a wall, which is what the dig director was hoping for, so that's quite exciting. I also found lots of pottery, including an intact neck to a tiny amphora, a bone, some glass, mosaic tiles called 'tessera' (probably not how that's spelled...) and a rusty nail. It was very exciting!
Apparently I'm quite the marvel because I manage to stay clean no matter how hard I work and how dirty the people around me get, but really, I don't may any particular effort to stay clean, it just happens somehow. I'm not going to complain!
They've finally gotten our internet up and working properly, so I'm really excited about that - I haven't gotten to talk to Trevor since I left, so I'll be able to call him tonight now. Poor Trevor! I can't believe he didn't want to come muck around in the dirt for ancient garbage. :)

In other news, apparently northern Israel and Lebanon are due for a major earthquake. We're digging up a city that was distroyed by an earthquake in 700-something AD...perhaps we'll be around to see it get distroyed again!!??

Alright, I'm going to try to have a quick nap before it's time to gather for pottery washing, a devo and then dinner...I need to call Trev after we eat, and it would be nice if I could manage to keep my eyes open, which I'm having a hard time doing right now!

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