Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sad Day in Jerusalem

You may have heard about the terrorist attack in Jerusalem this afternoon - four people are dead and over 20 more injured by a man with a buldozer who overturned a bus. Obviously the city's security has been stepped up, and who knows what will happen next, so our trip tomorrow and over the weekend into Jerusalem and Bethleham has been cancelled. It's very, very disappointing. We're going to be doing some more touring around the Galilee on Saturday instead, but it really sucks to have come all the way over here and not be able to see the thing I was looking forward to the most! :(

In other news...we found another wall in our square today, which was exciting, and every day the heat and exercise get a little easier. It's really satisfying to see what emerges from the dirt in our square. I have pictures of the progress on the wall, but it's time to go clean pottery, and with the disappointment of the trip being cancelled, I can't seem to muster up the energy to care too much about photos right now!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring something good and exciting...

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