Friday, July 04, 2008

On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry

I've always wondered what the Baptists were crying about...I realized today that it's either because the spring that feeds the Jordan is so cold they can't feel their toes, or it's because they're not Lutheran! hahahaha... :)

So, this is me at Gamla, our first stop on our tour today. See that big hill in the background? I had to hike down it to get to Gamla, and I had to clamber back up it to get back to the bus. It was a pretty rough trip back up, but I managed! Yay for me!

From there we went to Tel Dan, which is an ancient Biblican city, circa the old testament. When the kingdoms split into the north and south, the northern king built a temple there and installed a golden calf. It's also the location of one of the main springs which meet to create the Jordan River. It's right practically on the border with Lebanon, and the border with Syria is just over the hills. It was really lush and green, and it was easy to forget the precarious location until we were on the way back out, and we passed a man with his kids...packing his machine gun along as well.

Since we got to sleep in till almost 7 today, I was still up to see the sunset! It was beautiful.

Tomorrow we're off for more touring, and so I'm sure I'll have another hundred or so pictures! Today's lot are currently uploading to my webalbum, so make sure you check them out!
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Anonymous said...

Hi there! What beautiful country ..... I love the sign that shows you the way to Paradise :)

I'll bet between the heat and the exercise, you're toning up those muscles, eh? I was really sorry to hear that part of your trip is cancelled - better that you're safe though.

Rob is already in Halifax (today is Friday night), I fly 8:00 am on Sunday - your mom said to say Hi! she was really disappointed that you will miss out on part of the trip also. We're having supper with her and Simon on Sunday night - so will be nice to catch up!

Take care, sleep well and don't get toooooo much sun ......

Love you!