Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vroom vroom!

I was feeling kind of random, so I took at test at www.tickle.com to see what kind of car I am.

Apparently I'm a....

You're a Sports Car!
Our global positioning device has got you pinpointed somewhere between glamorous and racy. You're the fast, flashy Sports Car. We're thinking a BMW or even a Porsche Boxster, with a luminous silver paint job. You are the prize earned after years of hard work and strife. Envy can be seen in the eyes of every passer-by. There's no greater satisfaction than watching their slack-jawed looks as you speed by, and feeling the power as you lightly press that pedal. And just like your zippy car, you love to get from one cool scene to the next at lightning speed. You truly represent life in the fast lane. People are enthralled with your slick lifestyle and fantasize about someday owning what you've got. Who could blame them? Your wheels have got all the options: world-class engines, a stereo to die for, climate controls, navigation tools, and an exterior so shiny they need sunglasses. You are made to drive the ultimate in automobiles.

Ooooh my...lol. That's pretty special! Glamorous hey? I think someone forgot to tell my wardrobe that... :) I like to drive fast, but I'm not too sure about life in the fast lane. Pretty interesting, and not exactly what I'd call accurate, but I'd sure love to own a sports car! I've wanted to own a Mustang ever since I read my first Nancy Drew when I was 7 - and for those of you who weren't so fortunate - Nancy Drew drives a baby blue Mustang convertible that her dad gave her for her 18th birthday.

Hopefully come July we'll be driving our very own, brand new Mazda 3, which isn't quite the same as a Mustang, but totally an improvemtn over a Neon! :)

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Bean said...

A Mazda 3??? I am so envious! Myself, I would rather drive a Mazda 3 anyday over a Mustang :P

P.S. In case you didn't know, I like Mazda's :P And my family has 2 :P