Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tagged by Leah

A while back Leah tagged me to post 6 random things about myself, and I've decided to finally get around to doing it! I don't think I'm that random of a person, but I'll do my best... :)

1. One of my favourite sandwiches is bacon and maple butter. My Mom sent me some maple butter at Christmas, which was very exciting, as I haven't had any in ages. I'm also a big fan of cheddar and blackberry jam...real blackberry jam, from Victoria.

2. I was sorting through some stuff on my computer last night, and I discovered that I've written 28 songs since the fall of 2002. As you probably know, I don't play any instruments, so I haven't actually been able to write down the music, which is more then a little frustrating when I can hear a tune rattling around in my head and can't get it out! I'm just hoping that God's got something in mind for me to do with 28 songs...I'm sure a lot of them are rubbish, but I think there's a few good ones in there, and they all have stories behind them.

3. If I ever get music written for some of my worship-y songs, I'd really like to record a worship album. I've got so many musically talented friends that I love to sing with, I think it would be a blast to do something like that. There's a kind of funny God-story about how I realized that was something I wanted to do, but maybe I'll write about that some other time... :)

4. I got my cartilage (top right ear) pierced this summer. It actually hurt less then my ear lobes did, but it's still not healed, and the cold Calgary winter is really aggravating it. But I really like it, anyway! I got it done when I went to visit Heather in August. Funny - when I got my ear lobes done, I was visiting Heather then, too...wonder what I'm going to get pierced next time I visit her? :0

5. I'm going home to NS on May 26! It also happens to be Trevor's birthday that day, which is unfortunate for him. I feel bad leaving him by himself on his birthday, but I NEED to see the ocean! I'm going for 13 days, and Trevor's coming out on June 1 for a week. Scott and Chris are also going to be there then, and we're going to do some stuff in Halifax, and rent a car and drive around the coast. I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I haven't been home since Christmas of 2006, and Mom and Simon have moved in to a new house since then. Well, it's not new, it's actually 100 years old, and I loooove old houses, so I'm excited to see it. And Chris has never had scallops!!! So I can't wait to cook a bunch of NS food for the boys, and show them my city. Only 108 days to go!

6. When I named my blog, "What I've Found", I was listening to the Saltwater CD. If you haven't heard of Saltwater, they were a full-year Crew Ministries team which included some people that are really special to me, and I love listening to the CD. (My only complaint about it is that Scott didn't sing enough on it, but he'll probably just roll his eyes at that... :)) Anyway, that line is in a song by Riley Armstrong, and it just popped out at me as being appropriate for a blog where I talk about the things I find in my day-to-day life.

So there you go, 6 random things! Hope you've enjoyed, especially Leah! :)

I'm going to tag...hum, well, I was going to tag Trevor, but since he doesn't read my blog... :) how about Scott, Christine, Lauren and Anne Marie. If I didn't tag you, and you wish I had, I didn't know you read my blog and/or have one of your own, so reply here and let me know!


Leah said...

yay-ness for posting randomness...I had no idea about some of that stuff about you. That's so cool...all of it!

Miss ya tons!

Heather said...

Seeing as I have run out of room on my earlobes for more holes (yay us and our totally random piercing expeditions!) the next time you visit might be more adventures in cartiledge. If it makes you feel better my most recent piercings still give me trouble too. Stupid winter!!! I miss you so much, and can't wait for the next time you bounce out to see the Pacific.

Bean said...

Don't worry Michelle, I will do this - I just have a crazy week ahead of me. So I'm not ignoring your request, just delaying it until reading week! :p