Monday, September 18, 2006

You want to hear some good music?

One of my best friends, Sarah Wemyss, is playing a couple coffee houses in Calgary this week. On Wednesday she's at the Starfish Cafe, which is at 4510 Macleod Trail SW, in the rear basement-walk out, and that starts at 7 pm.
On Friday night she's playing at the House, at 7 pm. I'm told the House is on 10th Street NW, in Kensington area, but I can't find it on Google or in the phone book, so if you know where it's located, please let me know!
Then on Sunday, Sarah's playing at the 10:30 service at Foothills.
And she has this great CD, so if you can't make it, you can order her CD from!

(This post is by special request of Pastor Mike, who said he'd write down the dates if he read it on my blog. Makes me happy, that does! Nice to know that someone's actually reading this thing and I'm not just talking to myself... :)

In case you were just dying to know, the first service for Bethel went pretty well. It was a small crowd, and there were some logistical issues that need to be worked out, but it was a good start. There'll be another service in October sometime, and I'll be sure to let you know when that will be.

Oh, and the National Youth Gathering planning was great, apart from my personal revelations. We have a lot of good ideas that I'm excited to see take shape. We're doing a lot of things that we hope will capture the attention of the youth - today's youth are more and more ADD, and if we want them to hear what we're saying, we need to think more outside the box. It's going to be FANTASTIC, and it's only 290 days away! (That's probably a scary thought for those of you with more work to do then me... :)

The Survivor publicity is going in the mail today - such a huge stress that's been this last week! But it's done now, and if you're a youth leader, look for it in your mailbox by the end of the week. And if you don't get one, and want one, please let me know! It's only 73 days away, so get those registrations in quickly. I sent out 79 publicity packages, and I think we'll only be able to take about 150 youth and leaders, so get your registrations in as fast as you can!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!! Maybe Kara and I will see you on Friday night... :o)