Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to school...

My first class was tonight, and I learned something I've never figured out in the five years I've been hanging around SAIT - the Heart building has a basement! Go figure! I was nearly late for my class it took so long to find the room. Sigh...the instructor seems ok, anyway. He's got an interesting way of looking at things, but I feel that Real Estate law isn't very exciting in general. Oh well, last class, and then I can get my certificate!

I'm now officially a Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta, which is very exciting. I swore my first affidavit yesterday, so now I feel like a real legal assistant. Hooray for swearing! :)

A couple of weeks ago, we had a youth event at which much chaos ensued. Some of it was captured on a camera phone, and I share the pictures with you for your amusement.

This is Chris and Matt - wonderful youth leaders, eh?

This is Chris and Jordan...really, what else can I say about that?

I'm mostly doing this to bug Chris... :) Hehe!

I just downloaded MSN - sigh. Years of holding out, and I finally broke down. I can now message you with MSN, Google chat or Skype! I have a lot of crap on my computer...

Ah well, past my bed time! Big weekend coming up, and I've got a lot of projects to get through so I can focus on it!

Oh hey, one last thing...nice, hey? I really like...

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