Thursday, September 14, 2006

Woe is me...

...I think I'm getting the flu. I won't get sick - I can't! I SO don't have time. It started today with a really bad headache - the kind where it feels like someone's got your eye sockets in vice grip, so I went home early. As I was leaving, the girl who sits next to me, who had the flu this week, pointed out that her early symptoms were a brutal headache and back pain. Since I always have back pain, I wasn't worried. Till I came home, went to bed, and got the chills. Then I went burning hot, and now I'm a little panicked. So I took two Advil liqui-gells, three Cold Fx, three echenacia capsules with garlic and ginger, and a large glass of orange juice.
I have an exciting but busy weekend coming up, and I won't give in to the germs - never give up, never surrender!!!

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