Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Week Flashback to Israel 2008

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, and as we were standing in church listening to the reading about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, I had a flashback to when I was in Jerusalem in July of 2008. I was there for two and a half weeks, volunteering on an archaeological dig with a group of other Lutherans, and I blogged about it EXTENSIVELY. :)

This was our Sunday - the baptism of our godson, Levi!
(Photo courtesy of his Auntie Teresa!)

It was a defining 'moment' in my life, and even though that was almost five years ago now, I can still close my eyes and see it and hear it and smell it and taste it. I want to go back again with a passion that's actually a bit scary if I think about it too much. When I first got back, I thought about it every day. Now I only think about it every month or so, but my memories are just as vivid. I might go back and re-read my own blog posts though, starting here, because while the sensory details are clear, some of the adventures have gotten a bit blurred.

Anyway, I give you just a few of the hundreds of pictures I took. And in look back through my albums just now, I judge the photos I decided to take for being too detailed, with not enough panorama, and I didn't take pictures of things that in hindsight I wish I had, not because I'm forgetting them, but because I want to share them. Next time I go, whenever that will be...

If anyone knows of an archaeology dig looking for a copyeditor, please let me know!!! :)

Looking down the slope of the Mount of Olives, at the Kidron Valley. Some of these olive trees are so old that they would have been around when Jesus was there.
Praying at the Western Wall - one of the most profound moments in a journey that was jam-packed with them!
Sunset over the Sea of Galilee
Blue-green waters of the Sea during the afternoon - see the waves? It gets as choppy as the ocean there when the wind picks up. We went swimming every afternoon, but there would come a point where the water was too rough for it to be very enjoyable. Not so much walking where Jesus walked...but swimming where Jesus walked! :)
Capernaum, at the very northern tip of the Sea, looking south towards Jerusalem

This wander down memory lane has probably done more for me than you, but remembering my time in Israel, and what it means to me makes my heart happy! Tomorrow night as we celebrate the Passover Feast and remember the Garden of Gethsemane, and Friday morning as we remember the crucifixion, and Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection, I'll be remembering my time in Israel and the encouragement it was to my faith.

(And I might say thank-you to my really great husband who stayed home and worked while I went gallivanting all over the Holy Land... :)

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