Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A haircut is on the horizon!

It's been almost a year since my original post on this topic, and my hair is finally long enough to cut off! I've booked a date with my hairdresser: May 18. It's far away, but I have exams and papers between now and then, so I'm leaving it till after the semester is over, and then I can celebrate being deadline- and hair-free all at once. Plus, my steampunk hat for Comic Expo will require lots of hair to anchor it... :)

It didn't take as long to grow out as I thought it would - I have a 13-inch ponytail already! The minimum is 8 inches, and there's no maximum, so I'll probably do 10 inches, although we'll see how much it grows between now and May before I make a final decision about how much to send.

I have a fundraising endeavour for the Canadian Cancer Society - you can check out my page, a geeky photo of me, and make a donation to the charity! The donations don't benefit me in anyway, it's just my way of trying to make my aggravating hair-growing as beneficial as possible to people dealing with cancer. :)

...And it has been literally a pain in the neck...if I don't blow-dry it, it's so heavy it gives me a headache! And being winter in Alberta, half the time if I went out with wet hair anyway, it would literally freeze to my head. :P I will definitely be glad to put this ponytail in the mail.

Here's a photo of the last time I had my hair cut really short - this was for my staff Christmas party in late November of 1999!

And if you want to see what it looks like now, go look at my fundraising page... :)

Seriously though, cancer is something that has touched nearly everyone I know, one way or another. Please consider making a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society! And if you're from the USA, consider donating to your local cancer society!

And in other news, SEASON 3 OF BBC SHERLOCK IS FILMING NOW! AHHHH! That is all.

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