Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NeverSeconds - Martha's Blog

Just a quick something I found (paper crunch time!) that I think is really cool.

In the paper over the weekend I read about this little girl named Martha from the UK who's been blogging about her school dinners. Her hero is Jamie Oliver (I loved his school dinners show!) and she's been rating the healthiness etc of the meals at the school. The school officials got a bit squiffy and tried to shut her down, but now she's gotten permission to carry on, and the school has been making an effort to provide healthier options.

Martha's also been raising money to fund school dinners for children in Africa through an organization called Mary's Meals, and has had amazing success with that.

Check out her blog! Her writing style and Briticisms are super cute, and I enjoyed getting caught up on the last couple of months of back posts.


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