Sunday, June 27, 2010

Final Days in Florida

After doing the Disney thing for a few days, and on the Friday morning of the Memorial Day Long Weekend, we checked out of our resort and headed for a few days on the coast. My perfect idea of a totally relaxing holiday involves sitting on a beach, and since they're in short supply in Calgary, I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to go to one!
We went to Sanibel, which is a tiny island just off Florida's Gulf Coast, near the city of Fort Meyers. It's uniquely located in the currents, and is known for being an excellent place for sea shell collectors due to this. And it's beautiful!

Lots of shells on the bottom - had to wear shoes or end up with cut feet!

I spent a lot of time doing this, and came back with lots of shells.

We went on a sunset boat cruise, and the first mate got this fluke shot of us, the sunset and a flock of pelicans. Lovely!
We left Sanibel early Monday morning and booked it back to Orlando to catch our flight back to Calgary. Our trip home was a gong show due to a cancelled flight out of Toronto, but we made it! I'd definitely go back to Florida again - it's warm, humid, sunny and surrounded by ocean, which makes it pretty much perfect in my books! :)
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