Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stop the madness!

I feel like my life is a three-ring circus, and I'm the main act in all three rings! This weekend should be fun and relaxing, but getting ready to relax sure is a lot of work!

But I wanted to my faithful readers know that I'm going out of town tomorrow, so there won't be an update till middle of next week now, but I'm sure I'll have lots of stories when I get back! Won't you miss me? :)

Did you see the headline of the Sun today? Gave me GREAT joy, let me tell you!
Huzzah! I can't wait to go for wings...

Anyhow, off to finish packing and then to much to do, and not enough time to sleep! I HAD to give up one of my commitments - maybe I'll have to give up another one as well, just to find some sanity!

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Bean said...

Have TONS of fun in Penticton!!! Good luck (and safe!) driving and Good luck to both Trevor and Scott in their golf! :o)