Friday, October 27, 2006

Golfing fun

I can't believe it's already been over a week since we left! It was a good weekend, and the golf tournament raised over $8000. Trevor got the worst score, and Scott was only two strokes behind him, and then they took out the score card and argued over who was the worst, which I found highly amusing, or would have, if I wasn't so tired! It was a loooong day, but I got some good pictures, and while I nearly froze, at least the sun was shining!
You can check out my pictures here:

I had my Real Estate Law midterm this week, but I'm really sick with a cold, and I was not in a good space that night, so I don't think I did very well. We'll see in a couple of weeks when I get my marks back if the cold got to my brain as badly as it felt like. I even stayed home from Bible study last night to get some rest. Stacey and Clinton picking on a fashion victim are just what you need when your nose is running like a faucet and your head is pounding!

In other news, and this made me both excited and sad at the same time... (this article borrowed from

SG-1 DVD Films Get OK'd
SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate SG-1 will wrap up its 10-year run this spring, but that's not the end of the saga. Executive producer Brad Wright told TV Guide that MGM has granted a green light,and enough money, to produce two movies, most likely for DVD. The first film will tie up most of the finale's loose threads. "It's the climax of the Ori storyline," Wright said, and will be written and directed by executive producer Robert Cooper. The second film, written by Wright, will involve time travel, and both projects should debut in the fall of 2007. Though no deals are signed, SG-1's stars are said to be "very eager"to continue, Wright added. "They're not big-budget [films] by any definition, but for us it's pretty good," he said. "As we've proven over the years, just give us little more money and we can make pretty good television or DVDs."

And Gilmore Girls continues, although at this point I'm starting to feel like the writers should just stop with the drama and let them live happily ever after, already...oy...

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Lauren said...

Hi Michelle

I completly agree about Gilmore Girls. Ever since the writers of the other seasons had their contracts dropped at the end of last season I feel like the show has gone downhill.

How are things?