Friday, April 28, 2006

Much Drama

One of my favourite tv shows, and the one that undoubtedly makes me cry the most, is McLeod's Daughters. It's imported from Australia, and it's set on a ranch. There's much family drama, good-looking, half-dressed farm hands, strong women, scenery, sheep, and alpacas. What more could you want in a tv show? :)
It's on VISION TV (channel 83, on Friday nights a 7 in Calgary) and I just watched the episode "12 and a half hours behind". Talk about a tear-jerker! Tess finds out she's pregnant, and then gets the news that her husband, Nick, has crashed somewhere in remote Argentina on his way back from a business trip. Meanwhile, her possible half-sister is frantically trying to find DNA from Tess's deceased dad to find out if they're sisters. There's two more episodes left in season 5, but Down Under they're already into season 6. So I know how it ends from reading about it on the 'net, but it's still intense.
This is the link to the official website...
This is the best fan site I've found...
When I describe McLeod's Daughters to people, I sometimes compare it to Gilmore Girls, but really, it's way more gripping. It's got such an awesome cast and great writers. I highly recommend checking it out! In fact, PLEASE check it out...I'd love to have someone in Calgary to watch it with...for some reason Trevor doesn't like watching it that much. I can't imagine why... :)

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