Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Shopping

So the past few days have been great shopping for me - on Saturday my friend Anne and I went to the Calgary Farmers' Market. ( I got tons of cool stuff - like amazing tomatoes, maple fudge covered walnuts, and free samples. I highly recomend it!
Then tonight, I went shopping for some new work clothes. I got lots of stuff, but the best find was buying a suit jacket and getting the pants free. Yay! My feet hurt, but it was pretty productive. I found a warm sweater too, which was nothing sort of amazing. The style right now seems to be short, 3/4 sleeve, loose knit sweaters that are purely decorative. So when this nice lady at Tabi (a store I wouldn't normally go into, but I figured, what the heck) helped me find a sweater that was warm and that I liked, I just couldn't pass it up. And it was on sale, too! Hooray!
I love shopping! :)


Anne Marie said...

welcome to the world of blogging,

morgan said...

MICHELLE!!! have you turned into a llama... like the emperor, who lost his groove?!?! ;)
I am very excited for this new blog you've got... I MISS YOU GUYS!

Bean said...

Yay!! It's Michelle!! and AMAZING! She has a blog! *gasp*
The farmer's market is pretty cool... The time I went, it was so ridiculously crowded and there were so many people that couldn't drive, so it wasn't that exciting.

Yay for you!!