Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Star Wars Identities

It's Reading Week! I celebrated by spending the weekend in Edmonton, where we went to Star Wars Identities at the Edmonton science center. I wasn't really sure what to expect - I just saw Star Wars and signed up. :) It was advertised as having 200 original props, costumes, art work, and models, so I was really excited to see the exhibit.

Threepio and Artoo

Young Anakin Skywalker in his podracer
Jabba's Palace prop and costume
Ship models
Me and a sassy x-wing pilot
This was in another section of the science center. Chis Hadfield is a Canadian who is currently commanding the International Space Station. He Tweets from space. Check out this wonderfully geeky Twitter exchange between a real live space commander and some Star Trek actors.
The highlight of the exhibit was an interactive 'build your own Star Wars character' adventure. Upon arriving, each person is given an electronic bracelet, which tracks certain selections you make at the interactive stations throughout the exhibit. You can choose the character's name, race, personality, family history, who they look up to, and so on. At the end, you can choose the light side or the dark side. Then it generates your character and emails it to you. SO COOL!

My character is a Togrutan (like Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars cartoon series!). Her hero is Princess Leia, and while she is very Force-sensitive, she chose to be an x-wing pilot over being a Jedi.
It was entirely too much fun. :) If you like Star Wars at all, even just a little bit, I highly recommend the exhibit. I did learn a few things I didn't know, and even on the Saturday of a long weekend it wasn't too crowded, because they stagger the entry times. It was definitely worth the price of admission!

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Mom said...

really cute pictures of you! I really like the hair.

Shelli said...

WOW!!!! Looks totally awesome!!! That x-wing pilot is truly sassy!