Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lola rennt / Run Lola Run

In my German class last semester we watched ein Film called Lola rennt, which for some reason is translated in English as Run Lola Run. I have no idea where the extra verb came from...anyway, I re-watched it over Christmas break to keep some German rattling around in my head, and it's really quite interesting!

The story is about a young woman named Lola, who's trying to save her boyfriend from being killed by a drug lord for loosing a bag of money. There are three different storylines, which is what really threw me/intrigued me the first time. The story starts from the same point, advances to the same point, and then re-starts with a slightly different set of happenings. It's hard to explain in English, never mind trying to do it in German!

But I had to, for one of my German exercises. So here is a (hopefully) grammatically correct, very elementary version of a film review in what I hope will be my second language. :) It looks VERY short here, but it was agony to write, and took ages. Plus several revisions to get it as accurate as it is now.

Learning a second language as an adult is a LOT of work, just FYI. Please teach your children a second language when they're very young and have more flexible brains!

Disclaimer: Ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch!

Lola ist eine jung Frau mit kurze rote Haar. Sie trägt eine grüne Hose, ein graues Hemd, und schwarze Stiefel. Sie trägt viele Ringe. Sie hat einen Freund, Manni.

Manni hat viel Geld für einen Gangster, Ronnie, aber leider vergisst er das Geld im Zug. Manni muss vor Mittag für Ronnie Geld finden, sonst will Ronnie Manni umbringen. Manni ruft Lola an, weil sie helfen kann. Lola muss schnell zur Bank von ihrem Vater rennen. Ihr Vater arbeitet in der Bank, und spricht mit seiner Freundin, weil sie traurig ist.

Der Film hat drei Geschichten und manchmal kann Lola Manni nicht helfen. Schließlich gehen Lola und Manni zusammen weg.

Der Film hat gute Geschichten und ist sehr intelligent und toll. Ich mӧchte den Film wieder sehen. Mein Lieblingsteil ist, wenn Lola im Casino ist und viel Glück hat.

So stay in school, kids! Learn a second language, and steer well clear of drug lords with bags of money, or you'll end up stuck running around Berlin in alternate universes while the life of a loved one hangs in the balance!

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