Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kelowna to Seattle

Finally at a campground with half-decent internet! But this will still be short as I'm sitting at a picnic table in the dark, luring bugs from miles around....

One week ago today we left Kelowna! But on the Monday afternoon while we waited for our friend to get off work, we wandered around the lakefront, and discovered something that we, for all our trips to Kelowna, didn't know about the place...

Kelowna has a Japanese garden! Right downtown, behind city hall! And it's beautiful....

Our first day of sightseeing in Seattle was Thursday - we spent Wednesday recovering from all the driving on Tuesday, as well as shopping for a GPS to help us navigate the mean streets of Seattle...and it did a great job of helping us find our plan B first stop (don't ask about plan A :), which was the EMP, otherwise known as the 'guitar museum'.

You can just make out the back of my head in the bottom left corner, next to the giant art installation.

Yes, I'm wearing a Star Wars shirt next to Data's uniform. I'm an equal-opportunity fangirl, ok?

Stargate props! They also had weapons from various characters from both shows. Yay. :)

Trevor getting up close and personal with a stack of Marshall amps in one of the soundbooths.

Next we went to the Seattle aquarium, and I have LOTS of photos from that, but I don't think this internet connection is up for that, so watch next week for more! :)

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