Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Year Down

My first school year as a full-time university student is done! I'm still waiting for final grades to come in for this semester, but over all I'm pretty pleased with how I did. Right now I'm enjoying a couple of weeks off before taking courses in the spring semester, and trying to catch up on all of the things I didn't have time to do during this crazy busy semester. Number one on that list was reading novels, which I've managed to do a fairly significant amount of in the last couple of days! Number two is cleaning the house...not quite as fun, but necessary to for my sanity. :)

This coming weekend is the Calgary Comic Expo, and I'm SO EXCITED. Lots of great guests and panels this year, and I can't wait. I was hoping to have a Steampunk outfit together in time, but I don't think I'll be able to this time - I was too busy with school to even think about it much, and there's still lots to do, and a busy busy couple of days between now and Friday. So we'll see.

Have you read or seen the Hunger Games? Crazy intense story...sort of Lord of the Flies meets Survivor in a manipulative dictatorship. It's well-written, and very engaging, and the movie was one of the most gripping I've seen in a long time, but I can't say that I liked it. I'll read the other books in the series, and I might see the movie again, but I won't be buying them to re-read/watch over and over; it's just too terrifying and dark. I really thought the whole franchise was over-hyped, but now that I've actually experienced it, I'm pretty concerned about pre-teens and young teenagers reading it - if I'm having trouble with the content, I wouldn't recommend it to my youth, that's for sure.

Over Lent I gave up Pinterest, and we went to church almost every Wednesday, which is something I haven't done since I was a kid. It was an interesting feeling, because I actually wanted to go to church on Wednesday nights, even the couple of times I couldn't because I had too much homework. Crazy, hey? I guess I must finally be growing up. :)

We're thinking about what to do for our summer camping plans...maybe Montana or Seattle. Any recommendations for campgrounds or sightseeing in those areas?

Stay tuned for Comic Expo photos sometime next week! Hopefully I'll also have some mountain hiking ones as well. Now, I'm off to have brunch with Dad at Cora's. I love having time off. :)

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