Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Victoria - Royal Roads

Well, I can't get into Pottermore at the moment, and since my cold is too bad to focus on Canadian history, I may as well update my blog. :)

One of the big things I had planned for our holiday was a sort of pilgrimage to the suburban area where I lived from 13 to 18. We started with breakfast with a couple of friends at the My-Chosen Cafe, which has been there since before I lived there, and consistently turns out quality meals. It's a great place any time of day - I highly recommend it.

Then we went for a walk on the beach. I love the beach. That beach in particular, Taylor Beach, has my dream house overlooking it. I've never been inside the house, but from the outside it's everything I want, and it's located in a picturesque field studded with sheep and overlooking the ocean. Dream house right there!

This is Hatley Castle at Royal Roads. Royal Roads has a long and complicated history...however, it's main attractions are peacocks that roam wild, incredible gardens, a view of the ocean...and Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. If you watch the X-Men movies that came out around 8 or so years ago, the scenes set inside the castle, with the incredible wood paneling - that's Hatley Castle. It's also Lex Luthor's home from the tv show Smallville as well, but I was more tickled over the fact that last time I was there, I got to stand RIGHT where Patrick Stewart did. We didn't go into the castle itself this time. There was a wedding in progress so part of everything was shut down, but we got into the parts of the garden that weren't for a discount, so that was a good deal!

After that, we went to a pizza place that's been the same spot for as long as I can remember, and had a picnic at the lagoon overlooking downtown Victoria. Then it started to rain; fortunately, by the time we got back to where we were camping, we'd moved away from the rain and we didn't have to camp in the damp. :P

Sunday was actually a day of rest, and on Monday we headed up island to one of my favourite places in the whole world...Rathtrevor Provincial Park. Stay tuned...if you still are... :)

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