Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Much Excitement

Well, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I blogged last. Ooops! I got through my first semester of university with decent grades, and am enjoying some part-time off while I look for a second part-time job to fill in the days where I had been taking classes.

Some of the other excitement in our lives over the past few months has been becoming godparents to Jack, going to the ballet, buying a new vacuum cleaner (a Dyson!), joining a sort of cooking club (I'll post separately about that), battling a virulent case of a chin infection in one of the cats, a Ukrainian folk show at the CPO, an old Gilbert and Sullivan musical at the Pumphouse Theatre, Easter and my favourite hymns, loosing a filling and a trip to the dentist, catching Royal Wedding Fever, and writing final exams with a chest infection.

I was on the Call Committee for our church to find a new pastor after our seniour pastor moved to a church in BC, and actually, the first one we asked accepted, which was just amazing. There have been some good visits with friends, and I'm trekking my way through all seven seasons of Voyager, which a very thoughtful friend gave me for my birthday. I'm making amazing time - part way through season five already, which is fun, but kind of sad, because I didn't enjoy the series ending years ago when it was on TV - I'm sure I'm not going to enjoy it any more this time! We took some youth to play laser tag, and I, Skywalker, annihilated the competition on the first round. :) I didn't do so well on the second, but winning one round was enough to make me feel not quite so old!

And of course, my excitement of the last 24 hours has been that we FINALLY have a majority government, so maybe they can get some work done! My mom and my brother worked their tails off for their candidate in NS, but he didn't get in, sadly. And a former coworker was running on the Island, and sadly he didn't get in either.

I am totally upset that only 58% of Canadians voted - so sad that our society takes democracy so for granted! When we went to our polling station, we were the only people there at the time - I'd been expecting a lineup. Sadness! If you didn't vote, I'd be really interested to know why....?

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