Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts on Turning 30 - Pearls Before Swine

In my case at least my dreams of romance came true! And I've done a bit of travelling, although no where near as much as I'd like to. And I often do spend time on the weekend at Rona...and new windows this year made me very excited.
Any tips on how to rediscover my inner adventurer?! I'm thinking about going to you think 30 is too old? I think I just might get more out of it now then I would have if I'd been in a position to attend university at 18!
This comic is especially poignant because Rat is usually the sarcastic one given to picking on others more then genuine introspection. I love Pearls Before Swine - it usually makes me smile, and occasionally has made me laugh out loud. I highly recommend following it daily...especially if you love a good pun!

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Linda said...

If you are too old to go to university..what does that make me???...did you read the article I forwarded to you on how the Baby Boomers are changing retirement? Do you remember Cathy Koshman?....she said the the Boomers were going to re-define what it means to be a senior, and that we are not going to be content to be stuck in traditional nursing homes....that all will give you a better future.....