Friday, April 30, 2010

Calgary Comic Expo

Data - Brent Spiner

Dr. Carson Beckett - Paul McGillion

Lando Calrissian - Billy Dee Williams

Spock - Leonard Nimoy (and Mayor Dave Bronconnier, but we can ignore him!)

Last weekend we went to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. If I could sum it up in just one word, it would be 'zoo'! I spent most of the weekend in lineups, which was a frustrating waste of time, but the people watching was great. :) I was so overwhelmed though, I forgot to take pictures of all the interesting stuff going on. I mean, it's not every day you see a stormtrooper taking the escalator!

Gallery: Calgary Comic Expo (Calgary Herald website)

Apparently 'Spock' is retiring from movies and tv, to focus on his photography....and I hope I'm half that spry when I'm 79! Wow!

Brent Spiner is really funny, and said that he's thinking of retiring too. And then he had this whole conversation with himself where he talked himself into not retiring. He was REALLY entertaining.

And Paul McGillion was super funny too - he had lots of good stories, and switched back and forth between Scottish and Canadian accents all the time. He was born in Scotland but his family moved here when he was a baby, so he's a Canadian citizen, as well as being an Atlantian.

Billy Dee Williams was really disappointing...he didn't have any good stories, and the people asking him questions had a really hard time getting him to talk.

One of the most fun things about the weekend was all the costumes - watching Captain Kirk pose with Stormtroopers was very entertaining. I saw a couple of girls who were dressed as wounded red shirts, complete with fake blood. There were a few Jedi, a couple of Boba Fetts and Darth Vaders, and one Han Solo. There were a few Princess Leias, one 7 of 9, and far too many women wearing not nearly enough in the way of clothing...sci fi really has quite the niche on objectifying women! I didn't see a single Captain Janeway, sadly! She's the best Star Trek Captain ever.

It's funny - I'm enjoying my memories of the expo much more now then I enjoyed the actual experience. I guess I have some perspective on the crowds and lines, and remember the good over the annoying. Most people were polite and patient, but I encountered a couple pushy people who made me really cross. I left on Sunday thinking that I wouldn't go back again, but now I'm remembering all the good stuff, and I probably will go again next year.

Apparently I'm a bit more of a crazed sci fi fan then I thought I was, because I actually SQUEALED when I got a glimpse of Leonard Nimoy sitting at a table signing autographs. Oh, and I almost touched Paul McGillion...actually, I almost walked right into him as I walked out of the bathroom without looking both ways first...I may have geeked out just a little bit at that. :)

I'm going to post a few pictures of fun costumes I found on the Comic Expo Facebook group, since I don't have any of my own to post, sadly. Maybe next year I'll be there in a costume of my own! :)

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