Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The past three months...

The last three months have been pretty busy, as I'm sure you can tell if you've been eagerly awaiting my long-delayed update. :)

We got back from NS without any trouble, and my friend Jenn came to visit. We were roommates in Israel, and it was really nice to see her again!

Heather came for a visit, and we went to the CPO to see "The Music of Star Trek", narrated by the actors who played Q and The Doctor. It was really fun! I enjoyed it a lot. I was expecting a higher percentage of attendees to be in costume though...the most elaborate one was this woman who dressed as Kai Winn, perfectly detailed right down the the paper mache Orb of the Prophets she carried around with her. Talk about dedication!

We went to Edmonton for Break Forth at the end of January. Such a great conference! Maybe the best Break Forth we've ever been to. We are now Matt Maher groupies...if you've never heard of Matt Maher, you should Google him...he's a great worship leader/song writer from Arizona, who's actually originally from Newfoundland. There were so many great speakers and bands, and the info they've released on next year's line up looks just as good. You should go!!

You may have heard that I gave up Facebook for Lent...I haven't missed it much, either! I've been so busy, I don't know how I ever had time for it before.

I spent a fair bit of time watching the Olympics, which I've never done before. I watched both the opening and the closing ceremonies (I LOVE the closing) and most of the figure skating. Virtue and Moir were so incredible - I'm really glad I was able to see them skate.

Last month a few youth and I met up with some youth and leaders from another church and we went hiking at Grotto Canyon. It's out by Canmore, and it's the coolest place. I've been there twice before, but never this time of year. The canyon was basically a giant sheet of ice, and we hiked up it. It was slippery going in a few spots, but coming back down was the worst, because the downhill slant made it way too easy to get going too fast to control. So I ended up sliding down a lot of it on my butt. Lucky I wore my snow pants!

I've also been busy running a youth fundraiser, organizing our trip to the youth gathering in July, helping Trevor with church music stuff, housework, reading, visiting with friends, and the endless round of errands which never seem to go away.

Last weekend we were at Rona, and we got backed into by a guy who "couldn't see us because the sun was in his eyes". There's a huge dent in our passenger side front door, and it's probably going to need to be replaced. My poor baby :( And it's such a hassle! Grrrr...

Today I'm at home keeping an eye on the guys installing our new windows. The whole condo complex is getting them, and about time! The windows we had are original to the building, which was built in the late 70's. They don't slide properly, they don't do a thing to keep out the cold, and a lot of people are having problems with them getting covered in condensation, which then rots the window frames. I'm really looking forward to not having to shrink wrap our windows next winter! Right now I've got the cats locked in the bathroom to keep them out of the way, and they're not happy, poor things!

Ok, time to see if I can get into my kitchen to get some lunch...

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