Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting old...

I had my biannual eye exam this weekend. It's only actually been a year since my last one, but my eyes have been bothering me, and I have a new health insurance plan, so I have coverage available. I complained about how I keep having to move my computer screen closer, and the optometrist recommended reading glasses. Reading glasses! Oy vey...granted, between working on the computer at work, working on the computer at home, and reading every spare moment in between, I probably spend 90% of my waking hours seriously using my eyes.

But still - I didn't think I was old enough to need reading glasses...and I bet you anything the next step is going to be loosing one of the pairs somewhere, all the time.
"Sorry, I can't drive - I think I left my long-distance glasses on my desk at work."

In other news, I was thinking it might be neat to go to university sometime in the next few years. I haven't decided or anything, but there are so many study options, and so much stuff I could learn. I could take an English degree, or even study archaeology! My biggest problem is that the university system doesn't seem very user friendly. What's your university experience?

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