Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't updated my web album in ages...not since Survivor in November! I uploaded a bunch of stuff last night to make up for it. :)

We have the youth Halloween party from October - there's some fun stuff in there.

There's Heather's visit in December - we went to Heritage Park, and I threw an early Christmas dinner that was lots of fun.

In February I went down to Medicine Hat to visit Barb - I didn't take many pictures there, but there are a few here that I like.

Teresa and I went on a walking tour of historic Inglewood (Calgary's oldest neighbourhood) earlier this month - it was a beautiful day and I took some pictures I really like a lot.

On the May long weekend Trevor and I went for a hike outside the city - almost out to Canmore. There was still ice on the creek and that make for some really cool pictures. And I took a few in Nose Hill that weekend as well.


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