Monday, July 23, 2007

Ariella Rose

I just talked to my mom and found out the name of my niece! Yay! Ariella Rose is such a pretty name, hey?

In other news, I read the new Harry Potter book on Saturday, in about five hours. Trevor told me that around two pages a minute is a bit slower then my normal speed of three pages an hour. I didn't realize he was timing me... lol Overall, I'm a little disappointed with it. Most of my theories were pretty accurate, which was cool, but she didn't wrap things up well - it felt rushed at the end. I was expecting the book to be a bit bigger then it was, but it was a pretty enjoyable five hours, despite all the time I spent bawling. I'm sure she didn't mean to write it as an allegory, but it certainly had a lot of allegorical characteristics. Pretty cool!

So the predicted temperature for today is ranging from 30-35, and we're having a youth group campfire tonight. That should be fun - might be a bit too much heat, even for me... :)

Ahhhhhhh....I just realized that "Rose" is one of the names I've always liked for a middle name for a baby...ack! Maybe my sister and I are more alike then we'd thought... :)

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