Sunday, June 10, 2007

Home, sweet home?

It's never much fun coming back to day-to-day life after a holiday! I went to work on Friday, and I'm totally swamped. Everyone's glad to have me back (apparently the temp wasn't very popular) which is nice, but I'm glad I only had to work one day before getting two off!

Yesterday Dad and I went down to Drumheller for the Calgary Philharmonic's presentation of "Beethoven in the Badlands". We had some interesting customer service experiences, and checked out the Tyrell Museum. That place is such a crock - they present evolution as if it's gospel truth - tried to tell me that I evolved from something that looks like a slug...oy...and every year the public school system brings in busloads of kids and teaches them this stuff. Did I mention that this is a major load of crap??!! Anyway, the music was good, it didn't rain, and I only got a little sunburnt, so it was a good day, museum notwithstanding!

Now, back to the grind...laundry, housework, paperwork, Gathering stuff....ICK! I'd rather be walking on the beach, thank you very much!!!

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Leah said...

I hear ya on the evolution crap. I took on a science teacher here at school. I felt she wasn't teaching equally the "theory" of creation (I don't think it's a theory, but science does...) AND we're at a Christian school! (not just Christian - but Lutheran).

It eventually pettered (sp?) out, but I did confront her :o). I was proud cuz it was very out of character for me.