Monday, January 29, 2007

Break Forth 2007

Check out my pictures! Trevor took all the ones of Casting Crowns, Bob and AJ and Starfield, and I took the rest. I had some fun with the old buildings around Edmonton, but it was so cold out I had to stop cause my fingers were getting too cold to push the buttons! It was COOOOLD there, and there was shin-deep snow in the neighbourhood where we were staying - big switch from the 13 degree weather in Calgary when we left on Thursday!

So much to tell, and not nearly enough time - it was a LOT of work, and I doubt that I'd do the volunteer thing again, but I did get to go to some really great sessions and hear some good music, so it was a good weekend overall. I'm exhausted now though!

I was helping my Dad pack to move last night, and he's given us his 42-inch TV, cause he's getting a 52-inch for his new place. It's very big and I may have to rearrange the whole living room now though... :)

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Jeremy K. said...

the next time can I come?
Bob and AJ rule!