Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Loot

I'm back at work today, and it's so quiet here - there's only three lawyers, me, the receptionist and the office manager here, out of 24. I want to go home and play with my new camera!

The camera is courtesy of my bonus and all my Christmas and birthday money combined, and I'm really excited to get out and start playing with it. It's got a lot of neat features and the picture quality is amazing, after Trevor's little 4mp Canon.

And I also got a lot of books, Super Scrabble and the Scrabble Dictionary, among other things, as well as a nice lamb dinner, church three times in two days, and some quality time with Trevor, so it was a good holiday!

And tomorrow I turn 26, and there will be some festivities on Saturday that I'm sure will be blog-worthy. :)


Bethany said...

Oooo, nice new camera!!! :-)

Happy New Year!!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh and I went to 4 church services in 2 :0P (hehe, I love ya!)

Bean said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope it was a good one! :o)

Happy New Year! I hope that this year brings lots of excitement, joy and peace for you! :o)

P.S. That is a pretty sweet camera!